Available babies

Two new tots for sales
This is baby Nevaeh she is made of baby prosculpt and is 6 1/2 inches long. Click to see bigger photos of this wee baby girl. Her cost is $180.00 plus the shipping.
Here is another new baby . This is baby Suzy she measures in at 6 1/2 inches long and her price is $180.00 she has sleepy baby gray eyes and blond baby hair.
Suzy is now sold
Here is New baby Lea she is now ready to go to her new home, she comes how you see her dressed in a little pink outfit I made special for her.. Her price is $120.00 plus $9.20 first class air to the US.
this baby is now sold

Here is a tiny one this is my little Weebee she is about an inch long or so and she comes in this hat sleeping she also comes wearing a hat and she comes with a toy.this baby is now sold

Here is another little one,  This is my Duck baby, I have her dressed so sweetly, I am leaning more twards girl and blond, she has no hair yet so you can choise.
Her price is $160.00 plus shipping of $9.20 in the US
this baby is now sold