Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4rd 2009

I have my first two finished!
This is resin baby number 2 and resin baby number 3. Pat Moulton's husband did an awesome job! I will have 20 of these wee babies, All dressed similar to this, this one will be the only in a green jacket, those adorable jackets were made by my friend in NZ. Painting these were fun! I have never painted resin before. It is a translucent skin tone to start with , I painted them with 3 layers of paint setting them in between each coat. I made their bodies, and sewn into each is a little label, I also made their pants and matching caps. Both babies 2 and three are sold! More resin babies to come!


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  1. They are so sweet, I hope I can get one sometime later in the year. I have hope, lol!! :)